TopicPulse scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, message boards, blogs, and news sources to provide real-time guidance on what’s trending in local social media. Broadcast newsrooms and content producers tracking social media discussions in real time can now customize their revolutionary TopicPulse dashboard to their own interests with the new TopicPulse Version 3, introduced today worldwide by Futuri Media.

In addition to all current capabilities, TopicPulse v3 also now enables media professionals to see:

  • Predicted Trends: TopicPulse’s new predictive Viral Detector reveals which social media topics are likely to have high viral social potential, based on real-time trending. It’s vital to be nimble, as the average social media topic lasts just four to six hours.
  • Advanced targeting: TopicPulse features precise demographic details on who is discussing a topic on social media, as well as a topic’s broader audience reach. TopicPulse is the only real-time social media tracking system that measures specific demographics.
  • Competitive intelligence: You’ll know which competitive media have already covered a story (or not), helping you navigate your strategy towards or away from certain topics.
  • Opportunity: New “Gap Topics”: These are stories that are registering high in social reach, but rank low in broadcast/digital media coverage. This discrepancy presents golden opportunities to tap into what consumers really care about, ahead of the competition.

TopicPulse v3 also now helps users in several customized ways:

  • Select your own TopicPulse inputs from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, message boards and news sources, including your own DMA/state/country, keywords, brand followers and your own bookmarked website sources.
  • Display your own “topics-at-a-glance” screen on your newsroom or studio monitor of the hottest topics, based on your preferences, along the most popular related hashtags/keywords, popular tweet and trending status.
  • Compare topics side-by-side in one easy-to-use screen to see which stories are the most relevant to your brand or audience, and save them for future use.
  • Create assignment lists to simplify organizing prep for your newscast or show content.
  • Share with their colleagues lists of stories they’re working on.
  • Collaborate by posting comments and notes on projects and assignments to colleagues in your workgroups.
  • Improve search and social rankings, by showing which are the most important and fastest-growing hashtags and keywords to use in social posts. These capabilities, regarded as key relevance statistics, enable users to elevate their content’s search and social rankings.

Futuri President/CEO Daniel Anstandig commented, “We built TopicPulse to be a comprehensive ‘buy, sell, hold’ system for local content producers. Using sophisticated monitoring and algorithms, it provides real-time guidance for local broadcasters on which content matters most to their audience. Research continues to show that heavy social media users are research-friendly consumers—which means that knowing what is trending in your market on social can help to drive intelligent content decisions and maximize ratings.”

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