Futuri Media’s Mobile Platform, used by broadcasters around the world to create custom mobile apps for their broadcast brands, introduces two new exclusive interactive features. Part of Futuri’s ongoing innovations toward the global adoption of mobile, these new services are designed to increase engagement between stations and their audiences.

  1. Flash Contesting: Consumers who have downloaded their station’s Mobile app receive a push notification to instantly become eligible to win major prizes or experiences; driving tune-ins and app engagement in the process. Once listeners open the app, they enter their name and phone number, which is displayed live in the studio along with location data. Talent can create and track contests right from immediacy of the control room.
  2. Red/Blue Alerts: The ability to alert your audience about two different types of content
  • Red (“Hot”) Alerts are used to initiate immediate response and generate tune-ins for breaking news and weather alerts. The content can be pushed from a dashboard in the studio; sending mobile users to a section of the app or an outside web page.
  • Blue (“Cool”) Alerts are designed to alert your mobile audience about a station’s “cool” content. When a user opens the app, they see a featured section that showcases the station’s best daily content. This optimizes audience traffic flow through the app and extends mobile app engagement.

Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig says, “With consumers more active than ever, maximizing the ability to connect with them in a meaningful way requires a mobile strategy that truly persuades engagement. That requires innovative tools that are easy to use in a mobile environment, work impeccably, and promote a direct, customized interactive experience. Flash Contesting and Red/Blue Alerts deliver on those expectations, creating new windows of opportunity for stations, shows, hosts and personalities to connect with their audiences where their audiences live–mobile.”

The new features are available immediately to radio stations using the Futuri Mobile platform.

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