CLEVELAND, April 18, 2016 – Futuri Media, the media industry leader in interactive technology, has announced the release of Futuri POST, a new system that automatically records, produces, and distributes on-demand audio for broadcasters. 

The new Futuri POST records broadcast audio, automatically slicing each audio element (song, spot, talk break, jingle, etc.) into its own audio file using a patent pending system. Content producers can view all of their broadcast audio in POST’s easy to use web browser based interface. Then with just a few clicks, segments can be distributed to iTunes (for podcasts), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, and a widget for radio station websites. 

POST also features a green button, which is installed in the radio station studio. Any time the talent or producer hits the green button, the audio from the current or most recent talk-break is bookmarked and saved for podcast or on-demand audio development. Now, with just one button, a podcast can be created and distributed by a local broadcaster. 

“According to every major industry analyst, less than 5% of all podcasts are attributed to broadcasters as content producers. Radio has a tremendous opportunity in the on-demand space,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “As an industry, we spend billions of dollars each year to develop millions of hours of audio – all to be used once. With Futuri POST, broadcasters can extend the life of their broadcast audio.”

The POST technology has been under development for three years, starting with the team at recently-acquired Edmonton, Alberta-based StreamOn. Andrew Snook, StreamOn’s co-founder and now Vice President, Streaming Systems at Futuri added, “All of the podcast audio distributed by POST is Nielsen encoded. Now, as consumers listen to broadcast audio clips on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and iTunes, the station will be eligible for PPM credit.”  Developed under the direction of Snook and Futuri SVP/Technology, Craig Bowman, Futuri POST has deep integration with social media as well as the iTunes platform, RSS, and radio station websites. 

Futuri also makes licensed images available as part of its POST system, paying royalties associated with authorized celebrity and event images distributed alongside podcasts.  

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