The marriage between social media and traditional radio is ingenious and with each new enhancement renews SVP of Technology, Craig Bowman’s belief in the flexibility, creativity, and the metamorphic nature of radio to maintain its significance in people’s daily lives. With innovators such as Futuri, the industry has a bright future.

Bowman has been in broadcasting since the late 70’s. Starting out as a Disk Jockey and later moving into the engineering field gave Bowman a perspective which has helped him excel. Bowman has worked as an engineering consultant managing projects from small town Tennessee to modifying the master antenna system at the World Trade Center in 1990. He has managed engineering budgets for more than a dozen radio stations back when that was a large group. Bowman’s experience with Scott Studios allowed him to develop a firm grasp on IT and network architecture and Microsoft operating systems. His foray into Television has allowed Bowman to learn new technologies and presents new challenges each day.

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